An in-depth tribute to the women who have made the
professional salon industry what it is today.
From the trailblazers and legends to the artists and entrepreneurs.
From those who inspire trends to the the hardworking pros who interpret
and deliver them. This issue is dedicated to the women in beauty.
Full-size, polybagged 60+ page supplement to American Salon
Digital and App deployed editions (iPhone and Android compatible)
Editorial includes in-depth feature stories on the role women have
played in creating and building the salon industry
Special section of full-page profiles (positioned opposite related
brand’s right-hand full page ad pages)
Profile options include brand executives, representatives or ambassadors; founders; icons; key educators; customers or top salon partners; charitable programs or initiatives; or other related profile of your choosing.
Cover 2 (+ page 1), Cover 3 or Cover 4 premium positions. Each includes a bonus ad page with dedicated opposing page editorial
Two-page spread in premium position. This includes a bonus ad page with dedicated opposing page editorial
Single-page ad with dedicated opposing page editorial focused on
your brand’s commitment and connection to women
Added social and digital media based ad assets and programmatic
Materials due: August 29     Space Close: August 24
Danielle Timsit
Western Regional Sales Director
Anthony Giannoccora
Eastern Regional Sales Director

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